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Product Distribution

HealthTube Corp. is located at Calgary, Alberta, dedicated to seek premium nutraceutical products and cosmetics improving the overall health of every valued customer. As the a responsible merchant wholesale distributor in Western Canada, HealthTube screens various products and corresponding manufactures to ensure the high quality and the reasonable price of each product.  

Experience and Professionalism

 With years of experience, our team have developed strong skill in product analysis. For all products in our warehouse, the team have conducted thorough investigations screening the ingredients, effectiveness and government certifications to ensure the premium quality.  

Our Role

As a wholesale distributor, we usually acquire products from our desired manufactures or other sources, then supply products to retailers across Western Canada. As a responsible wholesale distributor, we only work with trusted manufactures and retailers. 

Our Service

Product Distribution

We are the exclusive distributor of certain premium products in Western Canada. Our job is to find trusted retailer store as a supplier. 

Market Demand Analysis

We conduct market trend analysis frequently to find the most desired product on the market and forecast the future demand. 


Major Partner

Major Product - AstaDaily


AstaDaily is a nutrition supplement product developed by Iconthin Biotech Corp. Each capsule of AstaDaily contains eleven natural extracted ingredients, which can help improving overall health of customers. 

Major Benefits

  • It maintains your eyesight and prevents cataracts and AMD
  • It keeps your hair, nails, mucous membranes and skin healthy
  • It prevents biotin deficiency
  • It maintains and supports cardiovascular health 

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